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Sun Jul 11 16:32:09 PDT 1999

I embroider for 2 reasons :  1 I love it and 2 I fiddle, and embroidery
keeps my hands busy.  Unfortunatley, the Busses in Brisbane (where I live)
are not known for their smooth ride, so I find it impossible to do any sort
of decent embroidery on the way to and from work.  However, I do work on
hankies (for friends), and little pieces at break, etc., at work.  My
friends are also used to me chatting and also sewing.

By the way - with regard to rough hands and snagging silk, I have found a
new moisturising cream that does wonders.  It is an Avon one, and is
actually called "Cracked Heel Cream".  I bought it to use on my feet (of
course), but found that my hands were left incredibly smooth too, and now
use it on my hands as well.

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