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Margo Lynn Hablutzel Hablutzel at
Mon Jul 12 05:39:59 PDT 1999

>I'm looking for snood and hair net patterns.  Does anyone know where 
>on the net i can find ony of these?

The ones I have seen are 19th-Century and 20th-Century.  You can find one
on the compuserve site ( ) and I think Yesterknits ( ) also has one.  You can try the usual sites for
collected patters, and and although I don't remember specifically what patterns are

If you want to do them for use in the SCA, crocheting was NOT done although
most of the ones you see are crocheted.  The nets or CAULs that people used
were done by netting, or creatively made from strips of fabric, metal, etc.
 In the Tudor era, they were sewn of complimentary fabric and used as a
base on which to set or attach the headdress (think Holbein).

Hope this helps.  I've done them of a simple crochet with mostly sc and ch,
but freely admit that it is not medieval when I wear it for that period. 
With the Victorian and Edwardian clothing, they are right on.

                                        ---= Margo Lynn
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