HNW - snood and hair net patterns

Carl/Anne Adamczyk ladygrania at
Sun Jul 11 19:50:07 PDT 1999

I had hoped to someday get to the magazine archives at the library to
check out some possibilities in WW2 ladies mags.  Photos from that era
show Rosie the Riveter and her cohorts wearing snoods/hair nets to keep
their hair out of their work and still look fashionable.  Other than
that, the crochet snoods we are familiar with appear to be a Victorian
phenomenon, with some also being shown in the Civil War era. 


On Sun, 11 Jul 1999 18:47:23 -0700 Carolyn Kayta Barrows <kayta at>
>pat fee writes, in a message sent 10:03 A 07/10/99 -0700:
>>I'm looking for snood and hair net patterns.  Does anyone know where 
>on the 
>>net i can find ony of these?
>The easiest way to do these is make a doily and add a drawstring 
>around the
>edge.  But to date I have not seen a period set of instructions for 
>one of
>these.  Anybody else seen one? 
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