HNW - Where is Everyone?

Joel Thompson sleipnir at
Thu Jul 15 10:11:28 PDT 1999

This is a group question:
What are some new needlework techniques/projects/materials that you've tried this
summer and what did you think about them?

Hi y'all!
Funny how us lurkers come out when it's quiet.  Rather like a housemouse when the cat's away!

The latest thing that I've learned is how to nalbind.  If you've never heard of that, don't worry, you're not alone.<G>  It's an ancient Viking technique using heavy Lopi-type yarn, and instead of the stitches being looped into place like crochet or knitting, they are actually sewn into place with a needle. The main differences are that if you pull on the "tail" it won't come unravelled, and if you want to cut the work with scissors, it still won't come undone.  It makes excellent socks, mittens and hats.  Right now, I've got a very good start on a hat.  It seems rather strange to be doing this in July, but come wintertime I'll be ready!  I've never enjoyed crochet or knitting, but I like doing this because it goes very fast. One "row" is almost an inch wide, although it is very thick.  If you do any early period re-creating, you might want to give it a try.


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