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Merouda the True of Bornover keltia at
Thu Jul 15 10:19:04 PDT 1999

> This is a group question:
> What are some new needlework techniques/projects/materials that you've tried this
> summer and what did you think about them?

I haven't had nearly as much time as I had hoped for working on projects.  I have the
silks, linen, and most of the design ready for an Elizabethan coif.  I hope to be
started on that asap as I will be doing two demos this summer and would love to have a
project that I can show lots of documentation for.

I am also working on two heraldic pieces, one for the AnTir Costume Guild as I
recently passed two guild levels and one with my arms on it as a favor for my new
sweetheart.  Flat silks and linen.  These small pieces will be sewn onto a piece of
linen to be worn hanging of the belt.  I might have to come up with something simpler
for the favor as this flat silk stuff takes some time.

Hmmmm, embroidering a vine-y bit with leaves and blossoms around the neckline of my
new skintight (to the hips) periwinkle blue linen kirtle with a full circle skirt.
Using cotton floss so that I can just toss the gown in the wash.

My reason for silence is that it's summer and tourney season.  My schedule has become
very full of late.  And while my project list is long, it's proving quite difficult to
get time to work on it.  *sigh*

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Cynthia Long
Merouda the True of Bornover
Barony of Madrone
Kingdom of An Tir

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