HNW - Where is Everyone?

pat fee lcatherinemc at
Thu Jul 15 13:49:06 PDT 1999

  I have been doing Blackwork in silk on a fine lawn handkerchief, trying to 
find examples of Celtic embroidery for sleeves of a Corsair shirt, and 
researching period knitting.


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>Subject: Re: HNW - Where is Everyone?
>Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 12:51:29 -0500
> > > This is a group question:
> > > What are some new needlework techniques/projects/materials that you've 
>tried this
> > > summer and what did you think about them?
> >
>Duh!  I didn't even answer my own question!
>I've been playing around with pulled work and doing lots of blackwork. I've 
>also been
>working on some little Assisi pin cushions.
>Nalbinding sounds really cool!  Did you teach yourself or take a class?
>Just a little mousey, ;-)

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