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Carol Thomas scbooks at
Thu Jul 15 14:46:36 PDT 1999

>   > This is a group question: > What are some new needlework
>techniques/projects/materials that you've tried this > summer and what did
>you think about them? 

I'm finishing (almost, almost, almost) a hatband that will be a surprise
for a friend.  It has laurel leaves done in the voided long-legged cross.
In English - filling in the background in green Assissi stitch, and leaving
the leaves open, showing the white linen for contrast.

As usual, am using a period method for a non-period piece.  

I've also restarted one of my old perennials - a banner with Small Churl
Books in reversable blackwork, using waste canvas and crochet cotton for
thread.  This has been going on for about 3 years now, by fits and starts.
Just finished "C".  And just realized a method for making it much easier to
do.  Oh, well, at least I figured it out before "s"....


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