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Thu Jul 15 20:41:52 PDT 1999

>From my point of view, everyone is here -- because I've been out of town and 
am just catching up on last week's postings!

Which brings me to the Eterna Silks discussion. A friend of mind is connected 
with the company, and she tells me that:

both the twist ("easy stitch") and the flat silk ("classic") are filament 
silks, which is period (almost any period)

the difference between the two is that the twist, being (yeah!) twisted, sits 
up from the background instead of lying flat. The twist won't be available 
until the end of August, I believe.

the point of the samples is to make you browbeat your local supplier into 
stocking the line -- she is not a retailer (that's why the $100 minimum)

if this goes well, the line will expand, not only in color (eventually the 
whole DMC spectrum, although right now it's the Anchor color line) but in 
weight. Personally, I can think of LOTS of things to do with a silk "pearl 
cotton"! They also mutter about knitting yarns.

One of these days I really HAVE to look at that website . . .

Jo  Anne
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