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theresa sorrell starsinger at
Fri Jul 16 01:26:08 PDT 1999

In Village Wools, they have and I have used, a two ply silk that is 12
pearl weight.  I have knitted a silk beaded wedding purse out of it and
used the same pattern to make one from cotton pearl.  The silk one was
very slinky and looked wonderful.

Henry's Attic sells this by the cone and they also carry finer.   The
color is a slight off white.  I used 4(0) needles.  I'll try and get by
the shop in the next day or so to get more detailed information, like
name and all.  I do know the price was something around a $100 per pound
but the yardage was around 400 yards per ounce.

It is out there and I have visions (may be) of using it to try and do a
pair of Eleanor of Toledo's silk hose in real silk at something
approaching the real gauge.  Right now I want to do the Gunnison burial
hose.  Anyone out there do a pair of these?  Anyone have any tips for
doing these.


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