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Fri Jul 16 14:39:44 PDT 1999

>>I've also restarted one of my old perennials - a banner with Small Churl
>>Books in reversable blackwork, using waste canvas and crochet cotton for
>>thread.  This has been going on for about 3 years now, by fits and starts.
>>Just finished "C".  And just realized a method for making it much easier to
>>do.  Oh, well, at least I figured it out before "s"....
>  Any and all easier ways of doing things are greatly appreciated.  Could 
>you share this technique?

I am filling letters, in an "old english" type font, with reversible work.
The center is easy; the edges of the form are hardest, since they curve and
you have to do a fraction of the pattern as it would fit into these odd
spaces.  What I realized is this: I was starting from the top, and going
down in horizontal rows.  It would be much easier to go vertically and up
the center first, then work my way out, so that I would have a good piece
of pattern to use in helping me figure the edges.  (I hope this description
is clear.)

A friend of mine refers to discoveries like this as "BFO's" - blinding
flash of the obvious.  It seems so clear, once you see it, but was so hard
to figure out.

My discovery really relates only to filling in these odd shapes, but I do
have a suggestion for reversible work in general that has been a new one to
some people and which, they tell me, has been helpful:

Cut a thread twice as long as you usually use, and put a needle on each
end.  Start with one needle and do a few stitches.  Take the other needle
and fill in the reverse.  By alternating, you get a pattern that is easier
to see - and mistakes can usually be caught before you go all the way
across the work.  

Happy stitching!


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