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Fri Jul 16 22:58:42 PDT 1999

It is a very small world!

I have been taking a week long course at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on
Ancient Egypt.  This is a course offered to Virginia educators.  We have
been having these very elegant lunches.  I was chatting with the ladies at
my table about why I wasn't going to teach school next year and my new
venture of providing historical fashion manuscripts online.  This one
teacher was really interested in what I was doing.  I was telling her my
Ebay "fish that got away story" for the week.  (Yes, I have been one of
those people driving the price of that late Victorian needlework book up. I
wanted to place it online for everyone to use.)  The teacher who had great
interested in me placing manuscripts online suddenly said, "Oh, no! I have
been bidding against you for that book!"  Neither one of us won the bid.  It
got to high priced for both of us.

As lunch ended and everyone left our table, we stayed there talking for
another hour.  The teacher told me she lives about four miles from me.  She
said, "You sure do look familiar. "  And we continued on discussing historic
needlepoint.  Then she suggested that I try to get some manuscripts to place
online from the Valentine Museum.  She started telling me about that the
Valentine has reproduction embroidery kits made from their original samplers
(the museum sells them) .  A LIGHT BULB GLOWS HERE!  This is where I know
her from.  Last year, when I was setting up an exhibit at the Valentine, she
came into the costume/textile storage area.  She was comparing the
reproduction sampler she made to the original sampler.  A very, very small

Anyways, she has offered to loan me her out-of-copyright embroidery books
from the 1800s to place online.  A few months back, the Valentine offered to
loan me some of their manuscript collections to place online. Presently, I
am working on another local fashion collector's vast library.  This
collector has all of the Godey's and Peterson's magazine from 1850 to the
end of publishing days.

All wasn't lost on my auction bids this week.  I did win the bid for a 1903
Delineator magazine on!

Later... Penny Ladnier
The Costume Gallery

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