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Sat Jul 17 18:24:41 PDT 1999

  Elizabethian Arts sells both the netting and the thread to make th lace 
with.  I don't know their URL, as this $%#@ M S Explorer has a new set up 
that doesn't show the URLs.

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>Dear List:
>I don't feel I have to reply to "where is everyone"  because I've been
>blithering on about the buratto I've  learned. <G>
>I have been around and around the mulberry bush (as it were) on the Web
>trying to find an alternate, and cheaper source, for premade netting for
>lacis/buratto/filet work. The most maddening was a site called Fine
>Filaments which ...linked me back to the LACIS web site. :-(
>I called Joady (Hedgehog Handworks) and she is going to try and run down a
>more economical source for the netting She has some samples from the mid
>1980's (the time period of the book I bought that started this Grail
>Quest). If Joady can't scare up some netting then I think we are stuck with
>  making our own or buying it at the prices LACIS wants. This does, indeed,
>seem to be a speciality fabric that is not easy to find. Well, I did,
>eventually want to take up netting.....
>Back to packing (ETA to house is 17 days)
>SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
>"too many centuries...too little time"
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