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>Hi List,
>I just tried to get availability info about "Elizabethan Embroidery" by
>Wingfield Digby, and it isn't listed in Books in Print (which is a database
>supposedly containing pretty much everything in print).  Does anyone know if
>its out of print, or can anyone give me an ISBN?
Looking through my copy of Digby's, I see no ISBN.   The publishing info
page has no ISBN.  I think that this book was privately published.  The
publishing page says
		First published in mcmlxiii by Faber and Faber Limited 24 Russell Square
London  W.C.1
		Printed in Great Britian by R. MacLehose and Company Limited, The
University Press Glasgow
		All rights reserved 

then a big space

		copyrighted George Wingfield Digby  1963

I gather it is out of print... I found this in a small out of print
bookstore in Berkeley, California.  for a steal of $75.00.  

Gwenyth of Mousehold Heath

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