HNW - Digby ISBN

Sarah Randles s-randles at
Mon Jul 19 18:25:11 PDT 1999

Hi Andrew,

 Does anyone know if
>its out of print, or can anyone give me an ISBN?
>I figure if I don't eat for the next few months I can probably afford it.
>In the meantime I'll check and see if any Libraries here in Oz have it.

Yes, it's thoroughly out of print.  I was thinking about buying it too, but
I'm not in any position to do that at the moment, and there are other
things higher up the list.  It is, however, in the ACT library system, so
you should be able to inter-library loan it.  I have a photocopy at home,
so I can check the ISBN for you if you need it to ILL.  It's a very good
book, although as I remember, all the photos are B&W.  My feeling is that
it's probably not worth the $200+ Australian it would cost to get an
original copy if you can borrow or photocopy it.  You might be better off
spending the money on museum photos of some of the items in it. It does
have photos of the 'Crowns' of the London Company of Broderers for which I
have some plans, but they're not great photos. I'm trying to track down
better ones.


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