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Donna Kenton kenton at
Mon Jul 19 18:35:01 PDT 1999

I just checked my copy, and there is no ISBN listed.  Says it was first
published in England in 1963, with the first America edition in 1964 by
Thomas Yoseloff, 8 East 36th Street, NYC, 10016.  However, this edition is
also printed in Great Britain.

It's still available, but expensive.  Last one I saw, through a book
search, was $135.

~ Donna
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At 09:09 PM 7/19/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Gwenyth:
><I gather it is out of print... I found this in a small out of print
>bookstore in Berkeley, California.  for a steal of $75.00.  >
>I got my own copy over 20 years ago in the Philadelphia Museum of Art
>bookstore -- for $20.00! (sorry to make you groan) It was their last copy
>and I think I got a further discount because the dust jacket was torn. 
>If it wasn't packed I'd check for ISBN on my copy. I rarely if ever see it
>listed in book websites, so I gather it's scarcer than hen's teeth.
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