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A friend who catalogs books for a university sent this to me.  I've
posted it here with her permission.  She left out the copyright date,
1997, in the citation.

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Here's a little bit of trivia that I just found out ---- I thought other
needle-workers might find it interesting:


"Elizabeth Wardle's Leek Embroidery Society and School of Embroidery
(founded in 1879 in Leek, England) demonstrated the seriousness of it's
intent in 1885-1886 by copying the famous eleventh-century Bayeux Tapestry
(Ancien Eveche, Bayeux, France), a 231-foot-long (71 meters) woolen
embroidery depicting the Norman conquest of England."

Hiesinger, Kathryn B. and Marcus, George H.
"Antique speak: a guide to the styles, techniques, and materials of the
decorative arts, from the Renaissance to Art Deco"  
New York, Abbeville Press 		ISBN: 0789201895
P. 132

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