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Kathryn said:

 Don't overlook
>universities-- some will let you in for the day just to play with the
>books. You need to show some ID at the door.

Actually, here in Australia, you can wander in to your local university
library without having to show anyone anything, and most university
libraries will let you buy an external borrower's card (U. Sydney was about
$50 per semester last time I checked) which will give you the same
borrowing rights as an undergrad. student, including access to Inter
Library Loans.  You do usually have to pay a fee for each item you ILL in
these straitened times.  The state libraries are also pretty good, although
these are reference libraries, but the State Library of Victoria has a
superb needlework collection.  Your state art galleries may well also have
a library that you might be able to get access to if you present yourself
as a researcher, and don't forget the National Library which has a rather
odd, but frequently useful collection, including most of the UMI
microfilms.  As a post-grad student and University staff member, I've been
able to talk most institutions into letting me in to their libraries and
collections with very little difficulty, both here and in Europe, and
no-one has ever asked for confirmation that I'm who I say I am.  Mostly
they just seem grateful that someone's interested in their collection!


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