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Tara German twink88 at
Wed Jul 21 01:50:52 PDT 1999

I sent this yesterday but didn't see it appear on the list so I'm trying 
again.		           Tara

Greetings, fellow needleworkers,

It looks like many of us are dependent on mail order for our books and 
supplies.  I save the information that you've all shared about which mail 
order suppliers and businesses are trustworthy and give good service.  I 
imagine that others are interested in the same type of information.  I 
finally decided to create a website where people can review and leave 
feedback about their mail order and online shopping experiences.

The main page is at .  There are 
links to what will be different categories of merchants and a link to an 
online form you can fill out and submit.  Rest assured that I will _NOT_ 
include anything that I've saved from previous list postings, nor will I 
post anything that is shared on this list in the future unless I'm 
specifically told to do so.

Apologies for the duplicate posts if you are on more than one of these 
lists.  This may be forwarded to other lists you're a member of, provided 
they have to do with sewing, costuming, or needlework.


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