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Wed Jul 21 08:54:48 PDT 1999

> Sorry list...
> Merouda, did you say you got Digby through ILL?  Which
> library?  I tried King Co., Snohomish Co., and the UW.

I went through the Seattle Public Library.  I asked the librarian to do an Inter
Library Loan for me for that book and three weeks later I got a copy from a city
library called Olean.  No idea where that was but they did all the work for me.
So go to Snohomish and talk to the librarian.  S/he'll know what to do.

Inter Library Loan doesn't mean that you go to another library in your area and
that they have the book.  It means that your local library taps in to a
*national* system and gets the book from somewhere else.
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