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Reid, Andrew (MED_GEN) reida at
Wed Jul 21 22:46:54 PDT 1999

Hi all,

Megan McConnell wrote
"Love the idea for your web-sites.  Here's one for everybody (and could you
both please add it to your sites) and is in Australia.
It is the Fox Collection - they put out catalogues about 4 times a year, and
have a huge range of stuff (including some good deals on thread and silks).
They don't have a website, but are on e-mail:  sales at In
Australia, you can also freecall them on 1300 361 126"

I am on the Fox Collection mailing list and their catalogue is certainly
large, I find however that page after page of cutesy teddy bear and kitten
projects threatens to send me into a diabetic coma after a while.
<G> - with apologies to all who like teddy bear and kitten pictures, no
offence intended.
It was the latch hook rug framed picture of Jesus in lurid colours in the
last catalogue which really pushed the boundaries of taste however...  But
they do have some good deals on threads and equipment.

The best Australian source for 'historical' rather than 'hysterical'
projects I've found is Stadia Trading, their website is  It's
in their catalogue that I first saw the three 'Elizabethan' project books
which were under discussion a week or so back on the List.

(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari)
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