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 About ILL: what happens is that after you request a title, your librarian
will do a search on a(n) (inter)national database of libraries' holdings
(usually OCLC or RLIN) and find out if the book you want is available.
Then he/she will decide which library to borrow from (most libraries have a
"preferred lender" list).  After the request is made to the owning library,
your librarian will find out whether or not the book is currently
available, if there will be a charge, and what the loan period will be.
Then the book is mailed to your library, you are notified, and then you go
get the book.  Sometimes, depending on the policies of both your library
and the lending library, you may not be able to take the item out of the
library and must use it there.  The usual loan period (at least in my
experience) ranges from 2 weeks to 1 month, and sometimes you can renew the
loan for an additional period of time.

 And yes, Olean is in New York State! 

Jacquie Samples  - who grew up in New York State, and for some reason still
remembers some of the old geography lessons!

At 05:59 PM 7/21/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>I went through the Seattle Public Library.  I asked the librarian to do an
>>Library Loan for me for that book and three weeks later I got a copy from
>a city
>>library called Olean. 
>Believe Olean is in New York.  My ILL has brought books in from all over
>the country, and from a univ. library in Canada!

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