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Reid, Andrew (MED_GEN) reida at
Thu Jul 22 16:29:27 PDT 1999

Elizabeth "E.B." Braidwood wrote:
"I got a small warning message for that URL, but followed the instructions
and got to Stadia Handcrafts at:

Yup, that's the guys I was thinking of, sorry if my URL instructions were a
little sketchy.  I get their paper catalogue too which always has lots of
interesting things.  BTW just had a thought, some (but not all) of the most
interesting stuff comes from the U.S. anyway, so you may already be familiar
with it!?  Doh!

I find them friendly and easy to deal with, although being here in Australia
I am buying 'locally' so to speak.

(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari.  Barony of Innilgard, Principality of Lochac,
Kingdom of the West)
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