HNW - detatched buttonhole stitch

Tara German twink88 at
Fri Jul 23 19:40:47 PDT 1999

Hi everyone,

I'm starting a new Elizabethan embroidery project with some detatched 
buttonhole stitches.  I'm okay with using it to fill in spaces but can't 
figure or find instructions on how to make "floating" pieces.  Hmmm, I'm not 
sure how to describe this.  I have photos and descriptions of several pieces 
where layers of flower petals, etc. are standing away from the ground 
fabric.  The one that I see cited most often is of the peapods which fold 
back to show the peas inside.  A photo of that is in the lower left corner 
of plate 54 in the V&A 1200-1750 embroidery book.

How would you do that?  Continue to add rows but not connect them at the 

I'm using one strand of floss at a time.  How many you all use?


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