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Fri Jul 23 19:51:28 PDT 1999

> I picked up a paperback copy of this last summer. Pennsic, I think, but
> might have ordered it. I don't think I paid all that much for it, though.
> Sorry I can't remember any more details, but if I do, I'll post where I
> got it. Just wanted to let everyone know that it is available without
> having to do the microfilm bit.

I found a used copy via ABEbooks.  This may not be the edition you have
but the quality of mine isn't very good.  It's a spiral bound set of 36
photocopied pages, some of which aren't clear.  Publishing info is as

Re-graphed by Susan J. Evans, Falconwood Press, copyright 1990.  No ISBN
or other information, although the cover illustration also says
A New Booke wherin are diuers Admirable Workes wrought with the Needle.
Newly inuented and cut in Copper for the pleasure and profit of the

Printed for Iames Boler and are to be sold at the Signe of the Marigold in
Paules Churchyard.  The 12th Edition inlarged with diuers newe works as
needle-workes purles & others neuer before printed.


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