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Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Sat Jul 24 01:34:33 PDT 1999

>What are some new needlework techniques/projects/materials that you've tried 
>summer and what did you think about them?

I'm doing cross stitch across only one 'thread' of the aida cloth instead
of my usual two.  It takes 4 times as long to cover the same amount of
cloth, so I may go back to over two 'threads' after this, or to using waste
canvas.  At least it's with perle cotton not with floss or I'd have quit by
now.  I'm making the embroidered piece for the front/top of a German Ren.
head-wrap (an earlier bulby one, not a later hair-net one like they wore
under hats).

I finally taught myself smocking, so I am doing smocked Ren. shirts for me
and my Sweetie.  Shirt looks fine, got lots of compliments.  The cuffs
stretched right out, so I may rip out the smocking on them.  Early Ren.
doesn't need cuffs anyway.

Also I am hand sewing a cloth doll so my 11-year-old will sew one along
with me.  Then we will dress hers up for her to use for Victorian events.
In the meantime, we sew doll clothes by hand for her Ren. doll at Ren.
events.  I skipped the doll clothes stage when I was little, so doll- and
doll-clothes-making are new to me.  (Full size costumes, yes, quarter-size
costumes, no.)  

So far the Ren. doll has a tent, a mattress and bedding, a dress and shirt
and apron, and a trunk to put her spare clothes in.  This doll (as with
Barbie) has more 'stuff' than some live members of our German Ren. group.
But I refuse to make and costume a husband for the doll, like my kid
originally wanted.  (OK, maybe when my kid has the doll's trousseau

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