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I said:

>>>> Maybe Dover could be persuaded to reprint it?>
><Depends upon getting permission from the copyright holder, and if they
>think there is enough interest to warrant the effort>

And Kathryn replied:

>Yeah, but they reprinted the Mary Gostelow book on  blackwork. Surely the
>audience that exists for that exists also for Digby??

Oh course, they may not KNOW the book should be reprinted unless people
write and tell them so, hey?

And if the Gostelow book did not sell well, they still may not reprint
Digby.  But they'll never know to consider it unless people tell them.  And
saying "because I want a copy" is not nearly as effective as pointing out
the high price on the scare available secondhand copies; the overall
utility of the text to persons of different skill levels and interested in
historical embroidery in general, not just a small group of reenactors of
whom a minor fraction is engaged in re-creating period embroideries.

I am not being snide, just telling you what works.  They don't want to sell
one copy of the book to you, or a few copies to your cronies, they want to
sell a full run of the book to as many persons as possible.  You have to
convince them that this market exists.  (And if all 25,000+ members of the
Society for Creative Anachronism are interested in 16-17th Century
embroidery techniques, I'll eat a skein of floss.)      

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