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Sat Jul 24 08:09:54 PDT 1999

Well folks, I have been holding off on telling you this until anyone else 
spoke up, but ... I have a copy of the new facsimile edition of Richard 
Shorleyker's "A Schole-House for the Needle" (1632).  MUAHAHAHA! ;)  
The facsimile is produced from a copy in the private collection of John and 
Elizabeth Mason.  I've read that there are something like three pages 
missing from their copy (the frontispiece, and two pages in the back that 
are missing from every known edition), but even missing three pages it has 
more pages than any other surviving copy of the "Schole-House."  (John 
Mason had purchased the original book at a rummage sale in the 1940s.)

It includes Shorleyker's introduction, the Dialogue betweene Diligence and 
Sloth, and LOTS OF PATTERNS for counted and noncounted embroidery, 
as well as a few varieties of lacemaking.  There are also a couple of articles 
in the front by the director of the Embroiderers' Guild, the Honorary 
Chairman of the Lace Guild, and Santina Levey.

If you are into embroidery from this period, I *strongly* recommend getting 
the book.  My copy cost around $30, and I ordered it through Britstitch.  
(Now if they would just get the Madeira Renaissance Wools and Jan 
Messent's "Bayeux Tapestry Embroiderers' Story" ...) ;)

  still working on her Reasonably Impressive Library ;)
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