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Sat Jul 24 21:21:28 PDT 1999

Fiondel asked about the stumpwork crucifixion:

>Reference???  Pleasepleaseplease. A 15th Century raised piece with moveable
>parts of ANY kind would be very interesting to me.  Where do I find a picture,
>or a description, or anything?

It's in a book which I don't own, but borrowed from a colleague.  It's by,
I think, Muriel ?Stark, and is called _Stumpwork_.  In addition to the
piece I mentioned, it includes the most fatuous potted history I have every
read, not just of embroidery but generalised history, including the
statement that in the seventeenth century all classes of people were happy
and there was no economic hardship.  (She seems to have conveniently
overlooked the English civil war.)  I certainly wouldn't recommend it for
its text, but its pictures are pretty good.  Maybe someone can give you
better publication details - I'm sure I have them somewhere, but tracking
them down could be a problem.  In addition, some similar raised work pieces
are dealt with in Leonie von Wilcken's book _Die mittelalterlichen
Textilien. Katalog der Sammlung_. Braunschweig 1994, available through the
Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum in Braunschweig, Germany for  DM 98,00.

Leonie von Wilckens is to German medieval embroidery and textiles what
Janet Arnold was to renaissance costume, but she only writes in German, and
died last year.


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