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Mon Jul 26 10:22:25 PDT 1999

Dear Sarah:

<The Schuette publication _I_ want a copy of is called _Gestickte
Bildteppiche des Mittelalters_ and is a *huge* pair of two volumes written
in German and published in Leipzig in 1927 and 1930.  They are about the
numerous convent embroideries mostly from north Germany from the late
13thcentury onwards, and have lovely clear black and white photos.>

The Philadelphia  {Public LIbrary has a set (too far for you to travel, of
course!) for those who can get to Philly. They are amazing books!

BTW,  I have a flyer for Myrna Bloom, who carries books on textiles. I
found her via ABE (Advanced Boko Exchange) Website, and I purchased a copy
of Margaret Abegg's "A Propos Patterns" from her.  She had various German
language textile and needlework books in her flyer  (she's in the US in
Pennsylvania). You might check out ABE .

- --Kathryn
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