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Larsdatter, Karen Karen at
Mon Jul 26 18:56:15 PDT 1999

Okay, okay, I 'pologize ... I should have sent information on how to 
get a copy of the new facsimile edition of "A Schole-House for the 
Needle" ... I should know better than to lead y'alls on ;)

Here is the text of the ad for the book:

- -----


A reprint of a rare Lace and Embroidery Pattern book published by 
Richard Shorleyker in 1632

Over 60 illustrations of lace and embroidery patterns from the 
sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries with an historical 
background by Santina M. Levey, historian and former Keeper of 
the Department of Textiles at the Victorian [sic] & Albert Museum.

With an Introduction from the Lace Guild and a Foreword from the 
Embroiderers' Guild.

Available only from:

<FontFamily><param>Times New Roman</param>Elizabeth Mason, 44 Beaumaris Ro=
ad, Newport, Shropshire TF10 7BN

Price =A312.50 each plus P&P - UK =A31.25

Surface mail: (All countries) =A32.10

Air mail: Europe =A32.45 - USA =A34.40 - Australia and Canada =A35.15

- -----

I had ordered my copy through the American company which imports 
"New Stitches" magazine, and I seem to recall it only cost about $30 plus 
shipping.  According to the flyer in this issue, though, it says it costs 
$39.50 plus $6.50 for shipping.  I'm not sure this offer is valid for non-
subscribers but it might be.  You can email them at 
britstitch at to check on that, if ya wanna. :)


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