HNW - Blackwork - Oops.

Reid, Andrew (MED_GEN) reida at
Mon Jul 26 20:16:47 PDT 1999

I wrote:
> BTW there is a great blackwork website of new designs by a lady called
Drea Lead, The Elizabethan Blackwork Archives.  I don't have the URL to hand
(sorry!), but if you search on 'blackwork' she should be way up there near
the top of your resluts.  If you can't get to it let me know and I'll hunt
it out for you.

Karen wrote:
"You mean the Blackwork Embroidery Archive at ? :)  Drea works on a lot of
stuff, but I think this page is done by a lady named Paula Marmor ...
Another resource that might be helpful is the Blackwork Gallery at"

Thanks Karen!
See that's what happens when I try to wing it and go from memory.  Drea has
some great Elizabethan costuming stuff and yes it is Paula Marmor who does
the blackwork stuff.  She also has a really nice site called "Renaissance"
with all sorts of goodies.  Apolgies for the confusion.

Please take everything I say from know on with a grain of salt...

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