HNW - detatched buttonhole stitch kathe1 at
Tue Jul 27 05:32:31 PDT 1999

>This is not a commercial message but I comment on these matters 
>because I
>have lived and breathed them (and when closing my eyes at night still 
>the stitches clearly), whilst editing the Elizabethan books.
>Prue Georgeson

Forget that! You can't tease us then not give us the info. :-) Fess up.
How would we get these Elizabethan books? If you don't want to be accused
of abusing the list, please e-mail me privately, although I'll bet lots
of others want the info, also.

Julleran, who can always use more books! Forget the fact that there are
still a dozen boxes of books in the garage that we ran out of room for in
the new house and haven't unpacked yet until we get more bookshelves.
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