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Tue Jul 27 06:15:00 PDT 1999

- --- "Reid, Andrew (MED_GEN)" 
> BTW there is a
> great blackwork website
> of new designs by a lady called Drea Lead, The
> Elizabethan Blackwork
> Archives.  I don't have the URL to hand (sorry!),
> but if you search on
> 'blackwork' she should be way up there near the top
> of your resluts.  If you
> can't get to it let me know and I'll hunt it out for
> you.
> Andrew

Sorry, Andrew, you've sorta got your signals crossed. 
Drea does the Elzabethan Costuming Page
(, while Paula
Kate Marmor does the Blackwork Embroidery Archives
( which
are both awesome sites!

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