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Carol Thomas scbooks at
Tue Jul 27 19:14:07 PDT 1999

> So how should I answer
>when people ask me if it's 'blackwork'?  Yes because it's black, but no
>because it isn't in the traditional English style?

I'd say, "Depends on how broadly you define blackwork.  Opinions vary.
It's certainly not the classic form."

And BTW, monochrome cross stitch is a period form in 15th c. England.  I
took a columbine from a boy's shirt that is in the V&A (in dk. blue cross
stitch) and used it for my device.  The shirt has leaves, stems, the
flowers, and strapwork, all outlined in little cross stitches, on uneven
weave linen.  So it is traditional English embroidery, even if I might not
call it blackwork by my understanding of the term.

An embroidery by any other name.....

I would like a chance to see what you are doing.


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