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Tue Jul 27 19:10:58 PDT 1999

This is perhaps a funny sounding question, but if anyone has the answer, 
it'll be someone on this list.  ;-)

Most academic journals will publish indices of their own stuff, once every 10 
years or so, usually, which is nice, especially if you can shelf browse.  
Many journals are also indexed by subject-specific organisations -- 
literature/literary criticism journals are usually indexed in the Modern 
Language Association annual bibliography, for example, and history journals 
are usually indexed in the Humanities Index.  Some of you might also be 
familiar with the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, which indexes 
"mass-market" magazines like Reader's Digest and Better Homes and Gardens.

These bibliographies are usually published in both print and (blessedly) 
electronic form, so you can look up a subject and find all the articles 
published in a given time frame in all the journals indexed by the 
bibliography, quickly and easily.  Is there such an index for the textile and 
costume journals?  I have found that MLA and Humanities tend not to include 
the textile journals, and since the academic libraries I have access to don't 
subscribe to them, it's tough to track the research published in things like 
Textile History.  I am close to Library of Congress and can get some things 
there that I can't get elsewhere, but summoning a volume of a journal at 
random is hardly an efficient way of doing things, and of course there is no 
shelf-browsing at LC.

So, has anyone got any helpful hints about searching textile journals?

Stephanie/ Alianora
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