HNW - early silk stockings Nieka225 at
Tue Jul 27 20:18:52 PDT 1999

Nieka here again.
Looking at the photos, which show a seam under the heel - very neatly done, 
and flat.  Then there is a ridge all the way down the heel flap, where the 
gusset begins.  My theory is that this knitter did not know how to pick up 
stitches as we do now, and instead put the knitting needle next to the heel 
flap and overcast stitch through each knit stitch, over the knitting needle 
and back through the next stitch.  I tried it on my test stockings (wool) and 
I get a ridge that looks the same as in the photos.  
Any suggestions from anyone else.
now to decide how to do the Instep down to the toes.

Nieka of Leiden
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