HNW - early silk Stockings Phefner at
Wed Jul 28 00:06:04 PDT 1999

I'll try to find this info for ILL, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get hold 
of a textile arts magazine! I'll give it a shot. I work in a library and we 
don't do ILL because we're a small county branch. The Central Library does. 
So these socks are Scandinavian? Does anyone know if the Russians wore 
knitted socks?  Considering the fact that they live in such a cold climate 
(like the Scandinavians) I'd think that they might have wanted to protect 
their feet from the cold. Their leather shoes don't look like they're 
particularly warm. Hey, I need all of the loot--uh, make that documentation-- 
that I can get!

Isabelle de Foix
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