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Mon Jul 26 12:26:34 PDT 1999

Carol Thomas writes, in a message sent 10:14 P 07/27/99 -0400:
>> So how should I answer
>>when people ask me if it's 'blackwork'?  Yes because it's black, but no
>>because it isn't in the traditional English style?
>I'd say, "Depends on how broadly you define blackwork.  Opinions vary.
>It's certainly not the classic form."

I guess it means I have to give the long explanatory answer instead of the
short yes or no answer.  BTW, what I meant here was the traditional English
style of blackwork.  

>And BTW, monochrome cross stitch is a period form in 15th c. England.  I
>took a columbine from a boy's shirt that is in the V&A (in dk. blue cross
>stitch) and used it for my device.  The shirt has leaves, stems, the
>flowers, and strapwork, all outlined in little cross stitches, on uneven
>weave linen.  So it is traditional English embroidery, even if I might not
>call it blackwork by my understanding of the term.

How clever of the English to also do cross stitch.

>An embroidery by any other name.....
>I would like a chance to see what you are doing.

That means I've got to scan this thing and put it on my web page, 'warts
and all'. 

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