HNW - Textile History

Deborah Pulliam pulliam at
Wed Jul 28 06:24:44 PDT 1999

<<Can anyone tell me:
Where can one review an index of the articles published in TH?
How long has it been published?
Is it still being published?
Is it possible to subscribe? (Academic journal subscriptions aren't
   always available outside the academic community.)>>

Textile History has no index of their articles, although you will find them
in citation indexes, etc.

It's been published since 1969 and comes out twice a year (May and
November).  It is still being published.

Any individual can subscribe for $30 in the US (L15 in GB); write to The
Pasold Research Fund, P. O. Box YR7, Leeds  LS9 7UU, England. They do
accept checks in US dollars, drawn on American banks.

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