HNW - early silk Stockings

Irene Davis idavis at
Wed Jul 28 07:08:53 PDT 1999

>So these socks are Scandinavian? Does anyone know if the Russians wore 
>knitted socks?  Considering the fact that they live in such a cold climate 
>(like the Scandinavians) I'd think that they might have wanted to protect 
>their feet from the cold. Their leather shoes don't look like they're 
>particularly warm. Hey, I need all of the loot--uh, make that
>that I can get!

More common for MOST groups in cold areas were foot wrappings rather than
socks. A sock gets holes in specific areas and must be mended and
eventually thrown away. a foot wrap can be rotated (four corners) so it
wears longer. Foot wraps have been found arcaheologically and were used in
the Russian army (standard issue) at least as late as WWII, if not later.
They wash and dry easier than socks, too (one flat layer of fabric).


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