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- --- Irene Davis <idavis at> wrote:
> More common for MOST groups in cold areas were foot
> wrappings rather than
> socks. A sock gets holes in specific areas and must
> be mended and
> eventually thrown away. a foot wrap can be rotated
> (four corners) so it
> wears longer. Foot wraps have been found
> arcaheologically and were used in
> the Russian army (standard issue) at least as late
> as WWII, if not later.
> They wash and dry easier than socks, too (one flat
> layer of fabric).
> Eirny

Bear in mind that this assertion is from a memory of a
film I saw in ROTC ten+ years ago, so it may well be
faulty.  I seem to remember that Russian soldiers
still used footwraps in the 70's and possibly the 80's
inside their thin issue boots.  Of course, they also
got paid something like $20 a month.

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