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if you're doing the blackwork on a cuff, you might want to do it on a
seperate piece of cloth (linen - whatever) and then attach it to the cuff as
you would trim.  this could also work for the neckline.  if you do it for
example on a sleeve, cut out your sleeve pattern, attach it to a frame and
lay down your blackwork pattern and when you're done, attach your sleeve to
the garment.  (by attach to a frame, i mean, like you would with an
embroidery project, pin you material to some kind of underlining, and the
underlining is attached to the frame). 

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> Hello all,
> I have been doing blackwork on Aida cloth for a number of years, and now
> I'd like to use blackwork on my garb.
> My problem is, I've never done embroidery directly onto a piece of fabric.
> I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to go about doing
> blackwork on a piece of fabric:: what kind of fabric works best, if that
> "tear-away" Adia cloth is good as a learning tool, etc.
> Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated!
> Kris
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