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Donna Hrynkiw donna at Kwantlen.BC.CA
Wed Jul 28 11:12:12 PDT 1999

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Deborah Pulliam wrote:
> Textile History has no index of their articles, although you will find them
> in citation indexes, etc.

Can you tell me which indexes they appear in? I haven't yet found them
in the periodical indexes at my local community college library. Which
really isn't surprising -- none of the programs or courses are remotely
related to textiles.

> Any individual can subscribe for $30 in the US (L15 in GB); write to The
> Pasold Research Fund, P. O. Box YR7, Leeds  LS9 7UU, England. They do
> accept checks in US dollars, drawn on American banks.

Many thanks.

Donna Hrynkiw
donna at

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