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Charlene Charette charlene at
Thu Jul 29 02:49:08 PDT 1999

Charlene Charette wrote:

> I have a friend who's a manager at Kinko's.  I got Schuette out of the

> library for his wife and she went nuts over it (yes, I'm working to
> corrupt her).  Anyway, he did a check and says that Schuette is now
> of copyright unless someone has renewed it.  So, can we get a reprint
> from someone?  :-)

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.  I forgot 1) we have international
subscribers (DUH!) and 2) new subscribers may not have any idea what
book I'm talking about.

The English version of the book is The Art of Embroidery (also titled A
Pictorial History of Embroidery) by Schuette and Muller-Christensen;
London: Thames & Hudson, 1964.

It's rarely for sale for under US$350 and I've seen it as high as

Kinko's is a reprographics company.  They also have self-service
photocopy machines.  They will not copy anything that is copyrighted
without written permission to do so.  Hence, he checked the copyright
status for me.  According to him this book is out of copyright unless
it's been renewed.  To find out if it's been renewed requires a form and
takes 8-10 weeks.

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