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Highman Ettrick at
Thu Jul 29 08:25:48 PDT 1999

Hi List,
  I have been lurking, getting to know the list and picking up some
wonderful ideas.
I live in the Shire of Thistletorr, Principality of Cynagua in the Kingdom
of the West.  I am a member of our Needleworkers Guild and have taught a few
classes, counted cross stitch and Assisi work are my specialties.  I have
just recently started to do more blackwork.  My persona is 1200 Scottish
from the borders, so I don't get to use much in my costuming, but I still
love to do it.

Re Kris' Blackwork on a costume:

 I have had some success in counting directly onto the fabric, and have
"discovered" some of the suggestions given here.  Most important is to do
the needlework before you assemble the garment.  I have also used waste
canvas.  In a past life :>) , I was in a a dance exhibition group , and made
a Bulgarian costume with a lot of counted cross stitch on the sleeves,
neckline, and hem, using waste canvas.  The only bit of advice I can add, if
you should choose to use waste canvas, is to make sure that your needle
enters the fabric at a precise 90 degree angle.  Any different angle will
distort the stitch.

  Thank you for a wonderful list.  I am enjoying it a lot.

Mairghread inen Eanruig
AKA Magge of Ettrick

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