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Thu Jul 29 16:51:46 PDT 1999

Liadain wrote:
"Another hint for durability in pieces in which the back is not seen
(collars and cuffs, for example, as opposed to frills) is to work in
backstitch - this adds immeasurably to the sturdiness and launderability.

Finally - and then I'll shut up - for counted work, stick to the tapestry
needles, because you want your stitches between the threads of your ground,
not piercing them.

Good luck and Happy Stitching!

Liadain (yes, I am a girl, aren't Gaelic names fun?!?)"

All good advice!  I must admit that for costuming purposes I make the back
as neat as possible, and I'm a Virgo so that's pretty neat, but I don't get
too obsessional.  I have the greatest admiration for those who can manage
reversible blackwork!  I haven't yet tried it, I feel daunted just thinking
about it...

(BTW thanks for clarifying the gender confusion!  Yes Gaelic name are fun,
and your return email address says Frank A. Thallas Jnr.  Guess I'm the only
male on the List. (?))

This may be preaching to the converted but one point I would make about
neatness and finish is don't knot your threads on the back.  Catch the loose
end in place by stitching over it on the back for the first 4 - 5 stitches.
When you finish a thread and start a new one use the same method to hold the
loose end in place from the previous thread.

Thanks all for all this talk about Blackwork, sure does make my little
Elizabethan heart sing!

(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari)
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