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If you can get a reprint please post the details to the list as I too would
be interested.  I think that charging to credit cards would be best as those
of us not in the US can order as well, you also don't have to rely on others
sending you the money.

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> Hi,
> Charlene wrote:
> >The English version of the book is The Art of Embroidery (also titled A
> >Pictorial History of Embroidery) by Schuette and Muller-Christensen;
> >London: Thames & Hudson, 1964.
> >
> >It's rarely for sale for under US$350 and I've seen it as high as
> >US$585.
> >
> >Kinko's ... will not copy anything that is copyrighted
> >without written permission to do so.  Hence, he checked the copyright
> >status for me.  According to him this book is out of copyright unless
> >it's been renewed.  To find out if it's been renewed requires a form and
> >takes 8-10 weeks.
> So yes! I am absolutely interested. If it should turn out that this book
> is
> really out of copyright, Please, please, please, have a copy for me made,
> and I'll reimburse you any way I can -- since international checks don't
> work (unless Kinko's can charge my VISA card for copying and shipping) --
> maybe I could find some book, tools, or material for you here which you
> would like to exchange it for.
> Thanks very much for the suggestion!
> Barbara Maren from Berlin, Germany
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