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Megan McHugh mchug at
Fri Jul 30 08:54:24 PDT 1999

I haven't even embroidered much in years, and I am also interested, if it is
not too expensive.  Please, let us know.  Thanks.
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Subject: HNW - But _can_ we get a reprint? was Re: Can we get areprint?

>I too am very interested in receiving a copy of this book.  Please, please,
please let me know how this can be accomplished.
>Lauretta Wenger
>lwenger at
>>>> Barbara Maren Winkler <barbara at> 07/30 4:10 AM >>>
>Charlene wrote:
>>The English version of the book is The Art of Embroidery (also titled A
>>Pictorial History of Embroidery) by Schuette and Muller-Christensen;
>>London: Thames & Hudson, 1964.
>>It's rarely for sale for under US$350 and I've seen it as high as
>>Kinko's ... will not copy anything that is copyrighted
>>without written permission to do so.  Hence, he checked the copyright
>>status for me.  According to him this book is out of copyright unless
>>it's been renewed.  To find out if it's been renewed requires a form and
>>takes 8-10 weeks.
>So yes! I am absolutely interested. If it should turn out that this book is
>really out of copyright, Please, please, please, have a copy for me made,
>and I'll reimburse you any way I can -- since international checks don't
>work (unless Kinko's can charge my VISA card for copying and shipping) --
>maybe I could find some book, tools, or material for you here which you
>would like to exchange it for.
>Thanks very much for the suggestion!
>Barbara Maren from Berlin, Germany

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