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Dear Charlene:

< Margaret Abegg's "A Propos Patterns" from her.> <What's in this book?>

The front half of this book deals with mostly SCA era needlework -- the
rest of the book is 18th and 19th century patterns and textiles. The SCA
half of the book is quite marvelous. Abegg goes over the history of the
various German needlework pattern books (authors, editions, etc), giving
examples of pages and extant needlework done from them. What I find
wonderful is that she will have, for example, a page from one of the
pattern  books showing a pair of lions. Then she will have a photo of two
extant pieces -- one done with drawnthread work, maybe another with lacis
or buratto, showing the same motif. Whenever she can she ties in paintings
showing needlework that obviously derives from the printed patterns. One of
her plates showed, I believe, some 15th century Arabic work done with
double running stitch. ( the book is packed but I remember Lady Mathilde
using that plate for her work on Mamluk pattern darning)

I'm sure I'm not describing this as well as it deserves--I only know I was
thrilled to own my own copy because every time I did research at the
library I'd request it.

- --Kathryn (3 days from closing and a nervous wreck)
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"
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