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Dear Charlene:

> <The Schuette publication _I_ want a copy of is called _Gestickte >
Bildteppiche des Mittelalters_ and is a *huge* pair of two volumes written>
Pennsylvania). You might check out ABE .  There are two copies currently
listed for sale at bookfinder:  US$2500 and

I would really check out Myrna  Bloom--via the ABE. I remember, when I saw
her German textile/needlework books, thinking that they were reasonably
priced.I just dug out one of her catalogs (the other is packed wiht  my
needlework books) from Oct. 1998. I find that she was planning a website:

Myrna was carrying xeroxes of almost every issue of CIBA Review (and some
original copies for sale, too) , and she was carrying various textile
journals. She specializes in Middle Eastern but I found she had other books
and journals of interest to Listers. Once I unpack her other list I will
check and see which of those big German books she had (the ones I'm used to
seeing at the research libraries).

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"
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